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Thomas Holland in the Realm of the Ogres


1st Place WRITER'S DIGEST International Book Awards 2017

This author has an excellent writing voice and even uses deep point of view which is a master skill. His characters are likable and make you want to turn the page instead of doing your chores. This author has great description skills, and he doesn’t overuse them by telling the reader everything about the setting in the first paragraph-another master skill.

~Judge, 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven

IPNE Best New Children's Book Finalist Award

~ IPNE 2015 Book Awards

Check out this wonderful blog by author/blogger Barbara Rath Hoover, comparing discovering Thomas Holland to her families discovery of Harry Potter, years ago, titled: My first edition Harry Potter Book.

~Barbara Rath Hoover - Toss the typwriter

The author has created an exciting world filled with likable characters and events. Tom is an especially interesting young character, with an intelligence and courage that kids will find inspiring. The fact that Tom is an extremely smart scientist makes this trip into another universe even more fascinating. His scientific, analytical mind has to try to make sense of things that go against everything he knows about how gravity, electricity, and other concepts. It was also nice to show the mother-son bond as we watched his mom rush into the portal after him and continue to battle to find him in a strange world filled with the unknown. When they finally reunited, the reader couldn't help but be just as excited and emotional as they were.

~Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards.

New friendships, new worlds, and new realities: all this is packed in a satisfyingly revealing adventure that will keep all ages involved in a fantasy filled with both resolutions and new beginnings.

~D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR -
Midwest Book Reviews - Children's Bookwatch Sept edition
(4th review down)

“Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven” kept me absorbed in this thrilling adventure from the prologue to the concluding feast and has me eagerly anticipating the next installment by this author. It’s a keeper!

~Randy Santoro, Amazon review

To me, characters are an important part of a good story and this story has great, fun, believable characters. I looked forward to turning the page to meet new characters. Monsters. Beasts. Trolls. K. M. Doherty took me on a wild adventure in a new world. Must read for any age.

~Kay LaLone - I Love Books (blogger)

Finding a good middle grade books seems to be getting harder and harder. But this book definitely hit the nail on the head. The story is fast paced the characters are believable, and the language is perfect for those awkward ages that aren’t kids but aren’t teens. I can’t wait to start reading this story a second time with my friends son!

~Reading For Fun (blog)

What a wonderful story. Well written. Found myself losing a lot of sleep. Did not want to put this book down! This writer has a fantastic imagination!

~bigbri - Amazon review

I truly enjoyed getting to know the characters in this book. It was so engaging that I fell under the spell of the story and forgot where I was and what else I needed to be doing. Thomas Holland and his new friends kept me entertained and turning pages (on my Kindle) until the very end. Please hurry with the next story!

~Dea Sue – South Berwick, ME - Amazon review


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